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 Dynamic tube ice is owned by family, business based in Karachi. In 2010, DTI started its first factory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after 7 years of successful business in Malaysia, Mr. Nisar Shaikh the Managing Director of DTI decided to introduce quality packed tube and crushed  ice in Pakistan.

We serve a wide variety of customers ranging from local shops to large supermarkets, from Restaurants to large Hotels; from catering companies to Wedding banquet halls, From Fisheries to construction companies etc. Our business is based on Quality product coupled with our high standard of service, making sure complete satisfaction of our wide customer base. 

To Produce our high quality ice, we use filtered water, goes through Reverse Osmosis process, which is better than many bottled water, . The ice is produced in “Tube Ice Machines” the most hygienic and reliable production system of ice in entire world. As our ice is different compare to block ice, Tube ice can easily be stored in our ICE BOXES to avoid wastage which makes it most cost effective ice and hygenic ice in the market. DTI takes ice production very seriously to deliver the cleanest and safest ice possible available today.

MISSION: We will hold commitment to our customers and will always concern to the optimum benefits of our customers. We will develop our human resources both in professional and management skills to be efficient and competitive. We will be innovative and devoted to develop our machines and our technology to maintain the leading edges in all our businesses.

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